Getting Airborne
Got Away Again
Schooling Fish
Teal Roof
Sand Dunes
Daydreaming #1
Righty Mingo
Autumn at the Cape
Lazy Day
Working the Wind

Martin Howard grew up fishing and loving the Northeastern outdoors.  As a young boy, he knew he wanted to work in a creative field.  He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and then worked in Advertising for 40 years in New York and Connecticut.  During a successful career in the Direct Marketing business, Marty always had multiple art projects on the side drawing board and went fishing as often as possible.

Upon retirement, he has had the opportunity spend time in the Gulf Coast area exploring his fishing and creative passions full time.  He draws inspiration from the beautiful water birds and fish found not only near his home in New England, but in the North Padre Island canals and the Laguna Madre, where he lived for a time.  His varied gallery also reflects impressions from travels around the Southwestern United States and in Europe,  as well as his early love of fly fishing with his grandfather.

"I like to paint things that inspire me.  With my training in graphic arts, I look for bold patterns, colors and perspectives; then i try to capture the essence of the feeling they spark in my mind's eye and heart."

Marty Howard